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Finally! Drawstring bed sheets!


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You can enjoy smooth flat sheets ALL THE TIME!

-No more waking up with your sheets half off the bed!

-You can say good-bye to wrinkled, baggy sheets!

-Fits your mattress thickness from 6" up to 18"! (*)

No need to buy sheet clips, sheet straps, sheet suspenders.

*Below 12" the sheet will cover the mattress completely. At 12" the hem will appear at the middle of the bottom edge of the mattress. Larger than 12" some of the mattress will show but only in the area midway between the corners. The top sheet and blankets will cover this area.


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Product Reviews:


"I've had our drawstring sheet for a few weeks now and the only time the sheet has come off is when I took it off to wash – I have no doubt in my mind that this sheet will be staying put."-Emily Evert emilyreviews


"The sheet is great! One of the best new products I've ever tried. Goes on, stays tight, boom, done. "

"I was surprised at how much I like it. Really didn't think it would make a difference to my quality of sleep, but it did. No sheet bunching up and needing to be tightened."

"It stays tight, doesn't wrinkle and doesn't pop off when I roll over in the middle of the night. I really don't miss having my wife bat the sheets and mattress to straighten out the bed sheet before bedtime!

"In the past I have used clips, belts, straps, and suspenders and all I ended up with were broken fingernails and frustration. What I wanted were nice tight sheets that stay where I put them. What I got were linens that bunched, wrinkled and drove me crazy. Since using the drawstring sheets, every morning my slept-in sheets are smooth, tight and exactly where I put them even a week later."

"I love my new sheets"



Since bed sheets have existed, the problem of keeping bed sheets on the bed has also existed. Early on there was the flat bed sheet and the term "hospital corner" became widely used. This term obviously adapted from sheet use in hospitals on hospital beds where tight bed sheets are a key requirement in the comfort of their patients. Then elastic was added to the edge of the bed sheet. This added convenience as hospital corners required that the bed sheet be tucked quite far under the mattress. Elastic bed sheets were acceptable for the most part but did not stay in place quite as well as a large bed sheet tucked under the mattress.

There have also been many drawstring bed sheet designs with more than 12 previous patents. The problem with the previous drawstring designs is that the hems that hold the drawstring are straight. Where the "Comfy-Snug" design is curved on the sides pre-loading the edge of the bed sheet, the previous straight designs do not provide this distribution of force along the sides. With the straight hems, the mattress gripping action of the fitted sheet is mostly concentrated at and near the corners of the mattress. Also the gathering of the corners causes the drawstring to be bound up in the corners, drastically increasing the friction within the hem of the bed sheet. With this extra friction in the corners, it becomes impossible to tighten the sheet all the way around the mattress. With the "ARC-EDGE" curved hem the drawstring avoids a sharp turn at the corner providing a smooth, unbound course around the mattress allowing the bed sheet to be much tighter than any other drawstring bed sheet design.

There are also many other patents on other types of mechanically fastened bed sheets. Bed sheets with zippers, bed sheets with laces, bed sheets with Velcro, bed sheets with buttons, bed sheets with elastic straps on and on.

Then there are the bed sheet accessories. There are bed sheet clips, bed sheet suspenders, bed sheet straps and even foam corners to increase the friction between the fitted sheet and the mattress. People are even using safety pins through the bed sheet attaching it to the mattress.

Sheet clips are shaped like a "C" and grip the edge of the mattress (on the mattress welt) to hold the bed sheet. These bed sheet clips are slid on the mattress welt with the bed sheet pinched inside. This is not easy and takes a bit of skill. Plus it takes a number of these bed sheet clips distributed around the bed to adequately hold the bed sheet in enough places. At the head however, bed sheet clips are almost impossible to apply. This is also true if the bed has a footboard. Just the fact that they must be placed one by one and as many as 8 are required makes them far inferior to drawstring bed sheets. With "Comfy-Snug" sheets, there is no need to access the head or the foot of the bed. All that is needed is to start the hem under each corner.

Bed sheet suspenders, unlike sheet clips, are elastic and although they may be easier to apply, they stretch and will provide only a marginal restraining force to hold the bed sheet in place. The alternative to sheet suspenders are sheet corner straps. They are connected across the corner to the adjacent sides of the bed sheet. The corner straps are about a foot long. They add a marginal amount of force to what is provided by the elastic already part of the bed sheet. This is also a widely used solution but still is not as effective as the "Comfy-Snug" design.

Finally, after all the attempts to design a bed sheet that can stay on the mattress, the "Comfy-Snug" bed sheet has achieved a capability to not only stay on the mattress, but also stay tight and flat as well as self-adjust to most mattress sizes.

So when people ask "How do I get my fitted sheet tight?" Just tell them: With drawstring sheets there is no question. The Comfy-Snug Sheet is the answer.